Hi, my name is Shaun

I'm a professional front-end web developer & designer

Who is this guy?

Starting out in the early 2000's, web design became a passion of mine after creating online gaming websites and communities. Since then, I've kept my thirst going over the years throughout high school and college as I've continued to learn new technologies and adapt my skills to the ever-changing web that we know today.

Recent Work

Steal Dealz

As a side business of mine, Steal Dealz is an online eBay storefront and web presence that aims to offer some of the cheapest deals online. With a focus on product marketing, this website hopes to attract and engage with new customers.

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My Skills

Front-End Dev

Integrating current web trends and technologies to create an interactive, presentable website for the end-user without hindering performance.

Behind the Scenes

Creating fully-functional websites with all the bells and whistles that you normally wouldn't see, including database management, content management systems & more!

UX / UI Design

With a focus on interaction design, it's important to create a simplified user experience. Users won't be left feeling overwhelmed and not knowing how to navigate a website.

SEO & Maintenance

After a site's completion, it's important to maintain the proper upkeep, whether it's providing crucial security updates or making sure search engines don't leave your site in the dust.

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